Zes and Cool Drey bring on the beats

Shamey Chata, and Moses Banda,

AS little children, songs and melodies were always ringing in their ears and all they wanted was to grow up and make beats for life.

Cool Drey and Zes is what they are known as to the legion of musicians for whom they produce music but to the government, they are simply Shamey Chata, 31 and Moses Banda, 23.

The duo of Lusaka’s Chipata Compound have been honing their skills through self-online lessons from YouTube and other online sources.

They say it has always been their dream to achieve more and bring new ideas to the music industry by being authentic while being inspired by other producers and singers like P. K. Chishala, Charlie Bravo Mulalami, Starsh and Killer beats.

Their love for music production brought them together and they now own a studio called Ghetto Genius where they produce music and charge K200 per production.

The duo has resisted calls to be employed by note established studios opting to continue their entrepreneurship.

For them, the sky is the limit as they seek more singers and rappers to produce for.

By Evelyn Namwinga

©Kalemba February 2, 2021


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