CSO-SUN bemoans donations of expired foods

Zambia - CSO-SUN country coordinator Mathews Mhuru

THE Civil Society Scaling up Nutrition Alliance (CSO-SUN) has appealed to relevant authorities to start inspecting foods being distributed to low income communities by some local and foreign retailing stores and supermarkets.

The CSO-SUN has unearthed a scam in which some stores are offloading both dry and fresh foods that were yet to expire or have expired to communities, to the detriment of people’s health.

CSO-SUN Country Coordinator Mathews Mhuru in a statement said some supermarkets have been running promotions where only foods and other products nearing expiration have prices reduced up to 50 per cent as a way of getting rid of such products.

He said the Alliance has evidence of some supermarkets and food retailing stores selling expired foods to unsuspecting customers which threaten the health of those consuming it.

“The Public Health Department at the Lusaka City Council, the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission and the Food Safety Department at the Ministry of Health should all take interest in this matter and ensure that consumers are protected,” he said.

Mhuru said the Alliance was disappointed that consumers who have reported retail stores selling expired foods either to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission or the Lusaka City Council have not received much assistance other than being advised to engage the same stores or supermarkets.

He urged consumers to always check the dates of manufacture and expiry before purchasing any item whether local or foreign.

By Evelyn Namwinga

©Kalemba January 19, 2021


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