Kabwata PF sidelines unpopular Lubinda for Danny Yenga


THE Patriotic Front in Lusaka’s Kabwata Constituency have sidelined long serving member of parliament Given Lubinda in preference for fresh blood in the name of
Danny Yenga.

The once popular Lubinda who is also justice minister has been Kabwata Constituency member of parliament since 2001.

But now Lubinda can’t roam the Constituency freely without being beaten.

Yesterday, Kabwata PF members with whom Lubinda has lost favor went agog in celebration as Yenga was unveiled as prospective successor.

Excited residents filled Kabwata Community Hall to the brim, anxious to hear that a man they once fondly called Zayelo will no longer be their representative in Parliarment come September 2021.

Speaking during the ceremony Yenga said he would take the constituency to greater heights because privy to the hardships the constituents were facing.

Although Lubinda was not present at the event, Yenga said the minister had done his part and should be respected.

He promised to serve Kabwata constituents diligently and donated a K200,000 of which all the five constituencies benefited K30,000 each as part of their empowerment while the rest of the money would benefit marketeers.

Speaking at the same occasion, Kabwata constituency chairman Trevor Ng’andu said Lubinda had brought development to the constituency and deserved be applauded.

Ng’andu said politics was all about competition and every individual who considered the plight of the constituents needed to be welcomed.

Ng’andu said he would not allow politicians to lie to the electorate in Kabwata Constituency.

©Kalemba December 23, 2020


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