Eden University picks Macky 2 as brand Ambassador


POPULAR Kopala rapper Macky 2 has become Eden University’s brand Ambassador.

Macky 2 was unveiled at a ceremony in Lusaka today.

The rapper has also been given a 100 per cent scholarship to study for nine months in Leadership and business management.

Eden University boss Kelvin Kaunda said the university was delighted to have Macky 2 as the brand ambassador of the university.

“As a university that is good at moving with the times, today we are extremely excited as an institution in that we are taking another huge spike in the way we keep the dreams of our university as founded.” he said

“Some wise Chinese Scholar Lao Tzu once said a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step and that meaning will be made more pronounced today as we welcome to the Eden Family one man who needs less introduction to the public Face.”

“I am delighted to announce to you Mr. Mulaza Kaira otherwise fondly known as Macky 2 in the musical circles as the Brand Ambassador of Eden University. I am equally delighted to mention that Mr. Kaira will not only be our ambassador but our student in Business and administration studies.”

He added that the coming of Macky 2 will set the academic bar high for the institution.

“As a youthful artist with a huge following for us there was no better name that came to our mind or resonated well with our institution that is setting the academic bar very high in our youths than that of Kaira,” he noted

“We are all aware that Macky 2 is a house hold name not only here in Zambia but beyond our borders as such it is just worthwhile for us to associate with this brand name and we are more than thrilled to see him enter our classroom through the scholarship we are offering him today to start that Business journey with this great University.”

Kaunda who is also Mwembeshi ward 27 councilor and PF Lusaka Province Deputy Youth Chairperson said he will tirelessly work towards empowering the local community and nation at large. He further stated that there is need for revamping up of upcoming talents in different communities and University students who have great initiatives but lack support and platforms.

“I will use the opportunity God gave me to help others and Leadership; leadership is something that comes from God if opportunity is given we serve he said.”


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