Kabwe police rescue boy 6 from torturous relatives


POLICE in Kabwe have rescued a 6-year-old boy who was tortured for failing to count 1 to 10 and arrested two of his female relatives.

The boy is said to have had his hands and legs tied to a tree while they stuck burning charcoal to his buttocks.

The boy’s loud cries of pain and anguish caught the attention of neighbors who then called the police to Pollen compound.

The cruel incident is said to have happened around 10:00 hours yesterday.

Witnesses said the boy was being punished for failing to count from one to 10 during home lessons conducted by two of his female relatives.

The offenders identified only as Annie and Bufwayo are believed to be separately related to the owner of the house identified as Mutale.

The boy whose mother is believed to be living in Makululu, is a nephew to the Mutales, the owner of the house where the act happened.

According to Watch Newspaper, the victim had his hands and foot tied to a guava tree, with a breezier underneath while the said girls Annie and Bufwayo whip him.

Police have since picked up the two suspects, the victim and the owner of the house to help with investigations.

©Kalemba June 20, 2020


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