Don’t listen to the devil, give tithe, offering – Bushiri


FLAMBOYANT Malawian preacher Shepherd Buahiri has told his followers to ignore the devil and direct their offering and tithe to his church’s bank account.

As the Coronavirus spreads across the globe, infecting more than a million and killing thousands, church and social gatherings in many countries have been halted to reduce the spread.

Economic activities have also reduced as many remain holed up in their homes hoping to avoid infection.

Bushiri owns the Enlightened Christian Gathering, a church whose headquarters is in South Africa, a country currently in a three week-long lockdown to halt the spread of Coronavirus.

So far, South Africa has 1,585 positive cases of the COVID-19 out of which nine have died.

Bushiri, fondly known as Major 1 to his legion of followers has recorded a brief video of himself advising “believers” to give tithe, offering and “seed” in exchange for God’s blessings.

The video is now doing rounds on social platforms.

The tithe, offering and “seeds” are to be directed to the account of Bushiri’s church which he gives out in the same video.

“Put your offerings, put your seed, put your tithe in the church account I am going to give you. Don’t, hesitate, don’t listen to the devil, don’t listen to what people say, don’t listen to what your man is saying. Listen to what God says, bring your tithe, give your tithe, give your offering, give your seed and God will bless you,” Bushiri preached.

The 37-year-old pastor who is also regarded as a prophet by his followers has branches of his church in other African countries and around the world.

Besides ministry, Bushiri is also a motivational speaker, author and businessman.

In the past week, Bread of Life overseer Bishop Joe Imakando sparked debate amongst Christians when he asked members to pay tithe and offerings through mobile money.

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