Police grab Jerabo’s guns


POLICE have grabbed firearms from a Chingola Jerabo and revoked his licences for misuse.

About two months ago, Maxwell Kyamba popularly known as Tablet caused stir when a video of him firing guns and while boasting about the “power” of the firearms was posted on social media.

Addressing the media about the repossession, Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo said the guns were licensed but confiscated from Kyamba due to misuse.

Katongo said a total of 15 licenses had been revoked from various individuals.

In the company of Police Fire Arms records officer
James Kanini, Katongo said the guns could be owned by licensed individuals contrary to belief that they were military.

She said the revocation of Kyamba’s license was a result of public outcry.

Katongo revealed that Kyamba, a Chingola Jerabo as well as friend to murder suspect Kabaso Mulenga aka Spax was in police detention and was being investigated for crimes she did not reveal.

Katongo said that the action to revoke the licenses is in accordance with the firearm regulation that prevents misuse of firearms by a member of the public.

She said police was mandated to regulate the acquisition and usage of firearms.

She further urged the public to report all individuals who may be mishandling their firearms to the police.

Katongo explained that publicly displaying a legally acquired firearm unnecessarily as well as posing pictures and posting on social media also constituted abuse for which the firearms could be confiscated.

And Zambia Police Chief Inspector Senior Firearm Records Officer, James Kanini said the gun which Kyamba was brandishing was not an automatic military gun.


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