Police arrest 3 MTN employees for attempting to burn offices


POLICE in Lusaka have arrested three MTN employees who attempted to set the finance department of the company on fire.

Confirming the arrests, deputy inspector general of police operations Borny Kapeso said the trio attempted to burn down the department in an effort to destroy evidence of misapplication of resources.

“We arrested three employees of MTN who wanted to set on fire the finance department of the company in an attempt to burry and alter evidence of misapplication of resources,” Kapeso said.

“The suspects wanted to use petrol to start the fire.”

Yesterday, the MTN headquarters in Lusaka’s Roma Township were evacuated after what the company said was a break-in which assailants poured unknown liquids and chemicals in the finance department pool office.

It was initially thought the incident was related to the ongoing gas attacks in Lusaka.


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