ECZ sees high failure rate in GCE exams


22,734 CANDIDATES have failed the General Certificate of Education Examinations in 2019 showing an increase in the failure rate to 13 percent from 6 he percent last year.

Of the 127, 456 candidates that sat for the exams, 96, 019 candidates obtained the GCE Certificates of which 31, 682 were male and 64,337 were female.

Announcing the results in Parliament yesterday, General Education Minister David Mabumba said the best pass rates were in practical subjects at 68.3 percent followed by Literature and Languages at 47.07 percent and Social Sciences and Business studies category at 33.83 percent.

Mabumba told the House that Natural Sciences category was the least with pass rates of 14.9 percentage points, reports Hot FM.

Meanwhile, Mabumba said 23,969 candidates that sat for 2019 Grade 9 external examinations have failed showing a failure rate of 30 percent.

He said 55,721 out of the 79, 690 candidates that sat for the 2019 grade 9 external examinations have passed representing an increase of 8 percentage points from 2018

Mabumba said out of the 23, 969 that failed 10, 658 were males representing a 44.4 percent while 13,311 were females representing 55.5 percent respectively.


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