All smiles as scores graduate from Makeni College of Education


IT was all smiles at Lusaka’s Makeni College of Education as the institution graduated 204 teachers in a joyful and colourful ceremony this morning.

Whistling, ululating and overjoyed relatives and friends filled the graduation hall as teacher after teacher got their seal of approval.

The graduants are now certificate and diploma holders respectively.

For some, the 9th graduation ceremony of the College was all too emotional for them – tears of joy rolled on some cheeks.

Makeni College of Education of Education has in the recent past become known for producing quality teachers and a popular choice for many who wish to pursue teaching.

Ministry of General Education permanent Jobbicks Kalumba had a one of advise for the grandaunts this morning.

In a speech really for him in absentia, Kalumba urged the new teachers to be examplary and avoid malpractices.

“Remember that it has been at a great cost on your sponsors. I urge you to be good teachers and show the world out there that you had been at a religious institution. The government is greatly indebted to religious institutions like yours for the various roles they play in the provision of education, health and other services,” said Kalumba.

“You are expected to portray the good image of the college – you will be the mirror of the college and the teaching profession in general. The schools and communities you will work for will have high expectations of you to deliver. They will expect you to have ingenuity and be able to provide enabling learning environment for those secondary and primary school pupils you will be privileged to teach. As you go out there to serve as secondary or primary school teachers, I urge you to uphold a high standard of professionalism.”


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