Young photographer overcomes suicide, hardship to find success


AS the Lord adds a year to the life of Chingola-born photographer, Wisdom Chonto, success is smelling like a strong scented fragrance which has filled the room with no atmosphere left for past odors.

However, a look into Chonto’s past, is just a testament to the power of perseverance and hope which has shaped him to become a household name under his brand Wise Fotography – a feat with celebrating.

Battling personal loss, unemployment, and even suicidal thoughts, the 29 year old has emerged as a successful photographer, his story now inspiring countless young Zambians.

Prior to his current status his life took a tragic turn in 2003 when he lost his father Ignatius Choto, followed by his mother, Veronica in 2018. 

Facing financial hardship, he moved to Lusaka seeking work, only to experience further setbacks.

He found a job and started sleeping in a Shop at Buseko Market, where he was getting K600 but that could not matter his needs.

 “Days turned into months and years,” he recalled, “I even contemplated suicide three times.”

A glimmer of light appeared in 2020 when Chonto met Richard Success, his mentor who introduced him to photography. 

Despite lacking equipment, Chonto launched his business “WiseFotography” with just a Facebook page. The initial struggle was real, “feeding myself was a problem,” he told Kalemba.

Yet, Chonto’s determination never wavered. His hustle paid off in 2022 when he finally acquired a camera, taking his business to new heights. 

He credits much of his success to kindhearted supporters like entrepreneur, Prudence Nankamba, famously known as Mwizukanji who became her brand ambassador and Philanthropist Remmy Kangwa, offering invaluable guidance and encouragement.

Today, Chonto thrives as a photographer, his work bringing smiles to countless clients. “My photography career has been an amazing journey,” he says, “I have created a formula that puts smiles on people’s faces.”

Beyond his personal triumph, Chonto uses his platform to inspire others. “Don’t give up even when you are pushed to,” he urges, “there is light at the end of the tunnel. Trust in your Creator, your life has a purpose.”

Kalemba wishes you a Happy birthday. Enjoy your day.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba February 17, 2024


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