Pupils use music to foster TB awareness


PUPILS from schools across the country have used a different ball game in the fight against tuberculosis-music, as they commemorated world TB day held under the theme “yes we can end TB”.

The nation wide choir competion that came to a close today was successfully used as a platform to convey the message on the dangers and measures of preventing the disease.

The event which was graced by various dignitaries from the health, education and youth ministries all highlighted the importance of the use of art and talent and the involvement of young people to spread information to contribute to national agendas.

Speaking on behalf of the minister of education, permanent secretary Joel kamoko commended the tuburculosis global network, CIDRZ and other cooperating partners for organising and implementing the nation wide inter-schools music competition and using it as a platform to combat diseases such as tuberculosis.

“This approach indeed as the potential to develop arts and skills among our learners. The ministry is aware that the gathering of pupils in schools quicken the spread of tuberculosis however, such competitions creates ambassadors that effectively spread awareness about the disease” he said

“And I believe, music is a powerful tool to communicate vital information in a non formal manner”

At the same event, permanent secretary of the Ministery of Health representing the minister, emphasised the continued involvement of young people in the transfering of information as they have the potential to contribute to social and economic capital.

“It is cardinal that we continue to engage our young people in making our society healthier because they have a huge potential to contributing to our national social and economic capital.” he said

“Their access to care and ensuring their meaningful participation to end TB at all levels will pave a way to a better, safer and healthier world free of TB.”

And Ministry of Youths, Sports and and Arts, permanent secretary Fumba chama stressed the need of not veiwing artisets as only entertainment vessels but as platforms to spread life preserving information.

“Artists are a powerful force when it comes to information dissemination and raising awareness on various cardinal issues and are not just entertainers but critical players in the shaping and development of the country.” he said

“Artists are influencers of perception and society hence organisations both governmental and non-governmental should initiate the engagement of artists in such issues”

According to the Ministry of health, 55,000 new tuberculosis related cases were reported in 2022 and young people between the ages of 15 to 34 are the most affected in the Zambian population.

By Elesani phiri

Kalemba April, 2024


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