Ditch the lab coat outside hospitals, save lives – HPCZ


THE Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ) is urging healthcare professionals and students to ditch the white coat, scrubs, and clogs outside of hospitals and training facilities.

The council has noticed a concerning trend of individuals wearing these garments in public spaces, which they say poses a risk of spreading germs and infections.

While acknowledging the professional appearance medical attire provides, the HPCZ  public relations manager Terry Musonda, emphasized that the garments are designed for specific environments within healthcare settings. 

“While medical laboratory white coats give health professionals and students a professional identity and smart look, they are potential agents of bacterial transmission and infections and therefore, should be restricted to designated environments.” 

“Similarly, it is considered unprofessional and irresponsible behaviour to use

medical/laboratory white coats, scrubs and clog shoes in places outside of health facilities,”added Musonda.

The HPCZ also encouraged healthcare professionals and students to adhere to infection prevention guidelines and practices. 

They recommended that hospital managers and training institutions create designated spaces for laundering and storing medical attire.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba February 26, 2024


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