Biker hailed a hero, earns permanent job after delivering baby on motorcycle


A ZAMBIAN biker’s act of kindness has landed him a permanent government job.

Zinge Japhet Phiri, a skilled but unemployed midwife, used his motorbike and medical expertise to deliver a baby on the side of the road last August.

Today, the Central Business District of Chipata town in Eastern province was this morning congested and put on a stand still for a moment, by motorbikes, ridden by Phiri and his former colleagues who accompanied him to the Provincial Health Office where he received his employment letter at the Ministry of Health.

It was a scene etched out of a movie as family and friends busked in joy and pride.

What led to this day was his heart to serve.

Last year Phiri while riding his bike while the sky was covered in darkness with only the stars as testament of illuminating light came across a woman in distress at Nigas Park area who was due to give birth.

The woman was desperately searching for transport to take her to the nearest health facility but nothing was on sight and time was ticking with the ‘bundle of joy’ eager to escape the confines of the mother’s womb.

Using his midwifery skills combined with his humanitarian heart, Phiri immediately took charge helping the woman to give birth on the road.

And just like that, he became the Honda man that saved two lives single handedly – That of the mother, and her new born baby.

Phiri’s story went viral, and the Ministry of Health recognized his dedication and service to the community.

He was recently awarded a permanent position in the ministry, a testament to his passion and willingness to help others.

Phiri’s colleagues and family celebrated his achievement, escorting him to the provincial health office to receive his appointment letter.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba February 26, 2024


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