Hope emerges in Cholera Battle: 405 defeat disease


AMIDST the ongoing Cholera pandemic, with a toll of 584 lives lost since October, yesterday marked a glimmer of hope as 405 individuals triumphantly emerged from the grasp of the disease.

These patients were discharged from Cholera centers across the country. 

This surge in recoveries surpasses the 295 new cases reported in the last 24 hours, with Lusaka province bearing the brunt at 216 cases.

The noteworthy increase in discharges serves as compelling evidence of the government’s strides in combating Cholera, a point emphasized by Health Minister Sylvia Masebo during a media briefing. 

“While challenges persist, we celebrate the progress made in patient outcomes,” she declared.

However, amidst the progress, a somber note is struck with the loss of 10 lives to Cholera in the same period. 

Minister Masebo highlighted that six were community deaths, while four occurred in different health facilities. 

The National Heroes Stadium, the country’s largest treatment center, currently tends to 256 patients, including 76 children, 85 females, and 95 males as of yesterday.

Masebo acknowledged the ongoing challenges but emphasized the dual narrative of progress and sorrow. 

On the vaccination front, 849,424 individuals, including 3,732 healthcare workers and 2,543 individuals in correctional facilities, have received the vaccine, achieving a coverage rate of 98 percent in hotspot areas.

Masebo stressed preventive measures, urging residents in hotspot areas like Kanyama, Chawama, and Matero to utilize government-provided water tanks for clean and safe water. 

By Buumba Mwitumwa 

Kalemba January 30, 2024


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