Volunteering nurse succumbs to Cholera while fighting the outbreak


ZAMBIA mourns another frontline worker lost to the ongoing cholera outbreak.
Barnabas Remmy Chisala, a 24-year-old  nurse volunteering at Matero Level One Hospital, passed away on Thursday after battling the disease for barely three hours.
Barnabas was not just a volunteer, but a hero who selflessly joined the fight against cholera on the frontlines.
 His Cousin told Kalemba that he left home yesterday and returned around 16:00 hours with a complaint of not being too well.
“He eventually started vomiting around 17:00 hours and had diarrhea too. We rushed him to Matero level One Hospital were he eventually died from around 19:00 hours,” the source told Kalemba.
And just like that, Remmy became among the 11 people that the country recorded dead, and also among the Eight brought in dead recorded in the past 24 hours.
He completed his studies as a registered nurse from City University in 2022 and was among the many health workers who dedicated their services as  volunteers in the fight against Cholera as he worked at the Heroes Cholera Centre.
His friend, Remmy Kangwa, expressed the grief of many on Facebook: “It’s sad to learn you are no more my friend Remmy Chisala. You offered yourself to fight Cholera and it took your life instead. Rest in peace my guy till we meet again.”
Barnabas’s passing serves as a reminder of the dangers faced by healthcare workers battling this deadly disease.
In just eight days, the government has vaccinated 3,356 healthcare personnel working in high-risk areas, highlighting the urgency of protecting those fighting to save lives.
This tragedy also underscores the importance of public awareness and swift action. Cholera is real and deadly. If you experience watery diarrhea and vomiting, seek immediate medical attention.
Let us honor Barnabas’s memory by continuing the fight against cholera. Get vaccinated, practice good hygiene, and seek help if you experience symptoms.
By Buumba  Mwitumwa
Kalemba January 27, 2024


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