Government fires nurse who left pregnant woman deliver on the road


PUBLIC Service Management Division ( PSMD) Permanent Secretary Boniface Chimbali has confirmed the dismissal of Chimalizeni Tembo, a nurse at Kawaya health post in Lukulu for refusing to go and attend to a pregnant woman who ended up delivering by the road side.

The woman could not reach the health post and ended up giving birth a few meters away from the Kawaya Health Post.

The nurse has been fired for negligence.

According Lukulu FM Community Radio, the incidence happened on Friday evening.

Chimbwali and his entourage were on their way to Lukulu district on official duties when they found the woman and her relatives helping her to deliver.

Chimbwali further said that the officer had no excuse not to follow the woman after her husband rushed to the clinic to call on him. He lamented that the baby died 30 minutes after arriving at the district hospital due to suffocation.

┬ęKalemba December 6, 2020


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