Ministry of health apologises for awarding ghost company contract


ZAMBIA’S health ministry says it wrongly used the term “limited” in giving a 17 Million Dollars contract for the supply of health centre kits to Honey Bee Pharmacy.

This come after media reports emerged that the ministry awarded Hundreds of Million Kwacha in Contract to a company that does not exist to supply government with the items.

However, Ministry of Health Spokesperson, Dr. Abel Kabalo has stated that the situation was caused by a clerical error of adding the word Limited to the name Honey Bee Pharmacy.

Kabalo says Honey Bee Pharmacy was awarded the contract, along with two other entities that he does not name — but the ministry erroneously added Limited.

He, however, reveals that no money has been paid to the companies because the contract required them to provide the service using their own resources before being paid.

Kabalo says the ministry apologises for the mistake and assures the public that government has not suffered any loss from the contract.

This controversial revelation comes in the wake of another miscommunication that has left government at pains to explain the issue bicycles bought reportedly bought at a high price.

Credit: Byta FM


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