Over 250 travelers stuck at InterCity


OVER 250 people are stuck at Intercity Bus Terminus following the presidential directive to temporarily stop the movement of vehicles in and out of Nakonde effective today.

The temporary ban on entering and exiting Nakonde comes after Zambia recorded 76 COVID-19 cases in the border town on Saturday.

A check at Intercity Bus Terminus yesterday found people queuing at booths where Juldan, Mbwe and P. Mwansa bus companies sell tickets for the Nakonde route, reports Zambia Daily Mail.

On Friday, Zambia recorded 85 new cases of COVID-19 with Nakonde topping with 76 cases.

The border town was declared as the country’s COVID-19 epicenter after immigration staff, health workers, lodge workers and sex workers along with clearing agents all totaling 76 having tested positive for COVID-19.

Yesterday, Dr Chitalu Chilufya said all the 13 Nakonde sex workers had been cooperative, they have given all the contacts for their clients to the health workers to help trace the COVID-19 contacts.


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