Police disrupt drinking party at Airport Research Grounds, nab drunkards


LAST night, Police in Lusaka apprehended a group of drunkards who gathered at the Research Grounds on Airport Road to consume alcohol in breach of the Presidential Order to avoid social gatherings.

The group which included several adult men and women turned the spacious ground into an open air night club with music blasting out of a parked BMW while a van loaded with a wide range of intoxicating beverages saved as the bar.

The group jived away the chilly night from songs like #Leka nomba mpene, Pakushana kukontamako and many others while they freely deprived the beer bottles of the contents oblivious of the need for social distancing.

The party however, came to an abrupt end when vigilant officers from the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport arrived on the scene.

Officers bundled the nocturnal party goers on a van and drove away with them.

On Thursday, President Edgar Lungu that bars, casinos, gyms and cinemas be closed for another two weeks as the country works to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus which has infected more than 1 million people and killed over 100,000 globally.

Zambia has recorded 40 cases of the COVID-19 out of which two have died.

By Nephie Mukobeka

© Kalemba 2020


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