About 140 Chingola residents hospitalized after their houses were spread with unknown chemicals


ABOUT 140 residents of Chingola were this morning rushed to various health centers across the district after their houses were last night spread with unknown chemicals by unknown people.

Confirming the development to Phoenix News, Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo said reports from various clinics and hospitals in the district indicate that criminals are now spreading the yet to be known chemical for unknown reasons.

Tembo said health authorities have confirmed receiving and treating victims.

The Chingola mayor has noted with concern that despite intensified security, criminal activities in Chingola have persisted.

Meanwhile in Kitwe, the current volatile security situation on the Copperbelt has forced trading places such as Chisokone Market to close early than usual.

According to Association for Vendors and Marketeers President, Abel Chikwa, the market is now closing by 18:30 hours instead of the usual 20:30 hours.

Chikwa told phoenix news that marketers are losing out on business as they are forced to knock off early for fear of being attacked while clients are also equally shunning the markets beyond 18:00 hours due to suspected ritual murders in Chingola with fears that the situation is spilling into Kitwe.

He says the loss of business cannot be quantified yet but was quick to mention that markets have more business between 17 and 21 hours as this is the time most customers in the formal sector knock off and buy from the trader.


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