#GUEST ARTICLE: Lungu should quietly sit back and seek true forgiveness from Zambians

    By Dillion Mayangwa
    FORMER president Edgar Lungu is still arrogant and bitter over the 2021 August loss of power.
    His arrogance can be tasted through his voice when his party officials visited him and his wife Esther who is facing a possible Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) prosecution over 15 flats in State Lodge area yesterday.
    He finally comes out loud and clear with a deep vengeful tone and a broken emotion, mainly as a result of last year’s general elections loss.
    His voice has been heard near and far in cities towns and villages.
    Lungu’s voice has reached all corners of our land yesterday.
    His bitterness has been left bear for everyone to see.
    But one thing that Edgar Lungu has forgotten is his brutal and corrupt regime he superintended on.
    It is well documented on how Zambians cried for his voice when it mattered the most but instead, he then chose to be mute like a well taught child who avoids talking because his mouth is full of food.
    At some point, Zambians needed his voice when cadres and politicians looted country with impunity.
    We saw contracts that supplied air under his leadership, we saw many things that should not go under without demanding answers.
    Today, DEC is not sending Lungu to jail but is merely demanding for answers from his wife and friends on how they speedily got rich, while the majority Zambians were left in poverty.
    Lungu has an opportunity to raise his voice but not to speak for the poor people he badly governed for seven years but to speak for himself and his family.
    To defend his properties, he found his voice to speak ill of one person he tormented; he found his voice to blame the one person he reduced to a second-hand citizen, the man he sent to maximum prison over a road mishap, the man he refused freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of association.
    Does it ring in his head that he once prohibited President Hakainde Hichilema from visiting the Copperbelt Province?
    Lungu successfully made it illegal for his opponent then, not to drive to a public place to buy bread for his lovely family but be confined him at home.
    Lungu should be thankful that President Hichilema has chosen to be the bigger man. He should be wise to realise that his peace depends on his mouth.
    He should sit back quietly and seek true forgiveness from Zambians, not this arrogance we have seen on him.
    Lungu was a terrible leader who should never raise his voice against a man who has chosen to accord him the respect he doesn’t deserve.
    At one point, Zambians needed to hear him speak when citizens where gassed and innocent citizens were killed.
    Zambians needed his voice when the police service was turned into a PF branch. Zambians needed his voice when youthful lives were lost at the hands of a very unprofessional,
    compromised police service.
    Not even the painful, evil slaying of Kadafi, Mugala, Joseph or Nsama could trigger his voice instead Lungu chose to be mute and watched!
    Zambia degenerated into a lawless State, a country for the rich and connected.


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