Nyimba man commits suicide in protest to wife’s involvement in village banking

CAPTION: File Photo of a women's village banking meeting for illustration

A 40-YEAR-OLD man of Nyimba District in Eastern Province has committed suicide in protest of his wife’s involvement in a village banking program.

Noah Lungu is said to have hanged himself on a tree 500 metres from his house using fiber on Friday night.

The events leading to Lungu’s death are that upon return from the market on Friday around 17:00 hours, he found his 36-year-old wife Majerita Mwanza was not home.

On her return, Majerita explained that she had been attending a village banking meeting where she had been appointed treasure for the group.

But this did not sit well with Lungu who ordered Majerita to immediately quit the group and she obliged.

Later in the evening, Lungu again brought up the issue of Majerita having to quit the village banking scheme but this time, the conversation took an ugly turn and degenerated into a full blown fight forcing Lungu’s elder brother to intervene by taking Majerita to his house where she would spend a night with his family.

Left alone, Lungu resorted to hang himself and was only discovered yesterday morning by his elder brother as he made his way to his field.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Geza Lungu confirmed the suicide incident in a statement to #Kalemba.

Commissioner Lungu said police visited Lungu’s suicide scene and conducted a physical inspection which revealed no foul play.

Village Banks schemes bring together groups of low-income entrepreneurs who come together to share and guarantee one another’s loans.

CAPTION: File Photo of a women’s village banking meeting for illustration

©Kalemba April 25, 2021


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