“Tight security keeps Livingstone man out of matrimonial bed for 8 years”

Livingstone Town

A 45-YEAR-OLD man has told the Livingstone Local Court that he deserted his wife to prevent his “steel rode of pleasure” from attracting rust after she resorted to going to bed clad in tight boxers and skin tights.

Innocent Mweenda Pakuwa of Maramba Township was testifying in a case where his wife Elizabeth Chamvue aged 41 of Dambwa Central Township had sued him for divorce because he had left her unplugged for eight years.

According to court records the couple got married in 2005 after Pukuwa paid K850 dowry.

Now, Chamvue dragged Pakuwa to court saying she no longer wanted to have anything to do with him because he had developed extra appetite for “outside meals” which he encountered on his drinking sprees.

Chamvue said Pukuwa had even stopped providing for her and the couple’s two sons opting to spend all his cash on his various sexual companions.

In trying to set herself free from Pukuwa’s loveless marriage, Chamvue said she on several occasions asked him to write a letter of divorce but to no avail.

Chamvue said although she had been on seperation with Pukwa for eight years, there was no proof that they had divorced and therefore wanted the court to officially annul her marriage.

Expectedly, Pakuwa who had been away from his matrimonial home for close to decade welcomed the divorce claim and also took the court through his own catalogue of accusations against Chamvue.

Pakuwa said he optef of his matrimonial home and seek alternative sources of romantic pleasure after his wife turned off the passion by sleeping with tight boxers and skin tights.

He said sometimes Chamvue would vanish from their matrimonial home for as long as two weeks on false business trips when she was infact spending time with her extramarital lovers some of whom where in Zimba and others in Kalomo.

“Sometimes she would even call her boyfriends in my presence when she thought I was too drunk,” Pakuwa testified.

Pakuwa told the court that the anticlimax of his marriage was when one day, Chamvue returned home from a business trip in Botswana with condoms in her hand which claimed had been given to her at the immigration officials at boarder.

He asked the court to dissolve the troubled marriage because he no longer trusted Chamvue.

In ruling on the matter, senior local court magistrate Esau Daka observed that the couple’s marriage had indeed broken down irretrievably.

He dissolved he marriage and ordered Pakuwa to be paying monthly child support of K600.

┬ęKalemba April 24, 2021


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