M’membe speaks against Olympic of lies, malice in Zambian politics

    Socialist Party president, Dr Fred M'membe

    FRED M’membe says there is too much lies, malice and calumny in Zambia’s political, economic and social discourse.

    Dr M’membe, the Socialist Party president, is displeased that the culture of lies has permeated all echelons of the Zambian society.

    “People occupying the highest positions in our politics, religion and civic life are not left out of this – they are trying very hard to take a lead in this Olympic of lies, malice, slander or libel,” Dr M’membe said in a statement.

    “Indeed, there are, in our body politic, economic and social, many and grave evils, and there’s urgent necessity for the sternest war upon them.”

    He added that there should be relentless exposure of and attack upon every evil person, whether politician or businessperson, every evil practice, whether in politics, in business, or in social life.

    “There’s just too much lies, malice and calumny in our political, economic and social discourse. And this is growing in intensity and magnitude as we approach the August 12, 2021 elections,” he said.

    “The social media is awash with lies, innuendo and insults. And one wonders of what value is all this. This is certainly not the most beneficial or good way of conducting public discourse on any issues.”

    Dr M’membe emphasises that the liar is no whit better than the thief, and that if their mendacity takes the form of slander or libel, “he or she may be worse than most thieves.”

    “It puts a premium upon knavery untruthfully to attack an honest person, or even with hysterical exaggeration to assail a bad person with untruth,” he said.

    “An epidemic of indiscriminate assault upon character does not good, but very great harm. The soul of every scoundrel is gladdened whenever an honest person is assailed, or even when a scoundrel is untruthfully assailed.”

    Dr M’membe added that there should be a resolute effort to hunt every corrupt person out of the position they have disgraced.

    “Expose the crime, and hunt down the criminal; but remember that even in the case of crime, if it is attacked in sensational, lurid, and untruthful fashion, the attack may do more damage to the public mind than the crime itself,” said Dr M’membe.

    “There should be no rest in the endless war against the forces of evil but this war must be conducted with sanity as well as with resolution. Lies, slander or libel, malice, insults, calumny won’t do.”

    ©Kalemba April 24, 2021


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