Kabwe baby collapses as mother boozes him on Kachasu

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo

INSTEAD of giving her 4-year-old son the God-given twin cows milk on her chest, a mother of Kabwe is reported to have administered a mouthful of Kachasu which she had been drinking.

Mistaking the Kachasu for his mother’s usual body odour, the toddler swallowed the highly potent liquor.

The drank boy was noticed by passersby struggling to say his usual “mama” and “papa” phrases before his little cute eyes were loadshedded by the booze upon which he was rushed to Kabwe Mine Hospital for resuscitation.

His mother Patricia Mwansa aged 17 of Makululu Compound was then reported to the Police by community members some of whom had been salivating for the bitter alcohol consumed by the baby.

In confirming the incident, Esther Mwata Katongo, Police Spokesperson said the child had so far been discharged from hospital and handed over to the family while the mother is detained in police cells awaiting her day in court.

This incident comes even before the date stamp ink can dry on the docket of Natasha Shindano aka Mrs Kennedy given to her by police for administering alcohol to a child.

Kalemba April 22, 2021


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