Prisons service prepares watering bucket for cadre who attacked civil servant

    PF cadres Charles Kakula

    CHARLES Kakula, the self-appointed PF vigilante who attacked a Lusaka civil servant is certain to get a job as Cabbage Irrigation Officer armed with a leaking bucket in one of the congested Zambia Correctional Service prisons.

    Police have today charged Kakula with Criminal Trespass and threatening violence according to Police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale.

    Kakula, who like a rogue intelligence operative, has been disowned by the PF on whose behalf he claimed to have been acting has today entered Day three of rough sleeping and being a punching bag for the cell captain as he remains in police custody awaiting an appearance in court.

    The boisterous and self-entitled cadre has been charged with Criminal Trespass for entering government offices without appointment and a second charge of Threatening Violence after he vowed to burn the civil servant to ashes if she returned to her office.

    ┬ęKalemba April 16, 2021


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