Overnight prayers end in death for Chalala woman


A 45-YEAR old woman of Lusaka’s Chalala area who had no means to go home after overnight prayers has been murdered inside her church, Omega Fire Ministries.

According to Police, Rebecca Chongo was found dead with stab wounds on her left cheek lying in a pool of blood this morning.

The deceased was part of a norcuternal prayer session that ended around 02:30 hours.

Chongo along another female church mate Jane Soko are said to have remained in church because they had no means of getting to their respective homes after the prayers.

And with no one else in sight save for the two defenceless women, criminals sneaked into the Chalala Church targeting to steal three black LG plasma television sets and one Yamaha mixer all valued at K36, 000.

Upon stumbling on the women, the criminals dealt ruthlessly with unwanted company, killing Chongo instantly while leaving her church-mate half-dead.

Soko is currently unconscious and admitted to Chilenje Level One hospital.

Danny Mwale, Police deputy spokesperson told #Kalemba in a statement that Investigations have since been instituted in the matter.

┬ęKalemba April 16, 2021


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