PF thugs attack, threaten to burn female civil servant

    PF cadre

    A GANG of cadres have threatened to burn a Lusaka-based female civil servant they accuse of being a member and supporter of the opposition UPND.

    The vigilantes operating under the banner of PF yesterday harangued and humiliated a female civil servant in full view of cameras on suspicion that she was an opposition party sympathizer.

    Led by Charles Kakuta who claims to be a PF youth leader, the gang is said to have organised by a known male fellow civil servant who has an ongoing wrangle with the victim over promotions and appointments in a bid to destroy her career by purporting that she was engaged in active politics.

    Meanwhile, Kakuta and his hoodlums also  issued death threats against the victim identified as Madam Sherry saying that they would burn her to death if she went back to her office.

    In the operation, Kakuta and his thugs in full view of the media, trespassed into a government building and using threats marched Madam Sherry from her office to the office of the Permanent Secretary which they barged into again without appointment or permission.

    After their brazen crime, the cadres embarked on  screaming threats and accusations against the defenceless woman and the PS saying if she was not dismissed then even the PS was UPND and would be dismissed.

    Meanwhile, scores of Zambians have expressed disgust at the ruling party thugs’ behaviour saying they took advantage of her being a female to subdue and humiliate her.

    ┬ęKalemba April 14, 2021


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