Cop swallows gay testimony


DOUGLAS Watt, a white commercial farmer of Chisamba yesterday in the Lusaka Magistrates Court came face-to-face with a police officer who accused him of having sex with a 17-year-boy.

Watt stood accused of repeatedly sealing the boy’s exhaust with his manhood contrary to the order of nature.

However, when George Bwalya, a police officer was asked by the court on what evidence he had to prove that Watt had alternative sexual preferences; the police officer said that all he knew was that Watt used to frequently visit a lodge with the Grade 12 boy and he concluded that the boy was being made into a wife.

“The two (Watt and the juvenile) were spotted twice at the lodge and raised suspicions among the people around. We suspected the duo could be having unnatural sex”, Officer Bwalya said.

The Prosecution team closed its case after Bwalya’s testimony and Chief Resident Magistrate Lameck Mwale set May 5 for judgement.

©Kalemba April 15, 2021


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