Stadium sex lands Kabwe man in trouble


A 27-YEAR-OLD male who sought to relish his female companion in the cold breeze of the vast Kabwe Stadium in Central Province has landed himself in trouble with the law.

Testifying before Magistrate Catherine Mumba in his defence for a charge of rape, Joseph Simwanza begged the court to spare him the minimum 18 year sentence saying his Stadium fiasco was no rape but consensual sex.

Simwanza said that contrary to accusations by eyewitness and the victim that he forcibly stripped her of her clothes and sought to rape her, theirs was an agreed sexual escapade gone wrong.

He narrated that on the material day at about 09:00 hours, he arranged for a meeting with the victim whom he had known for two years so that he could harvest the fruits of his patience.

Like athletes, the duo are said to have engaged in a long warm up session of kissing and touching under a Mukuyu tree not caring for the ants and rotten fruits that bombarded them.

Meanwhile, at about 19:00 hours when their engines had well warmed up and ready for piston fire, the duo chose to fornicate under the direct eyes of heaven in an unroofed Stadium.

However, according to Simwanza, as they were about to put spoon on plate, the female demanded for a condom saying she was HIV positive but before he could make his decision whether to “live” or look for protection, she began to receive numerous calls from men.

It was at that point that Simwanza said that he began to reprimand his partner over her delay tactics in view of his swollen missiles especially that she had already completely undressed.

Frustrated at the delayed match commencement, Simwanza accosted the female who instead chose to run away in her birth-suit.

In the ensuing fiasco, the duo was spotted by passersby who covered the naked girl in their clothes and apprehended Simwanza for suspected rape 20 metres from Kabwe High Court.

However, in her earlier testimony, the female and the man who rescued her claimed Simwanza attempted to rape her and removed all her clothes from her body before she opted to runaway.

Meanwhile, the court is yet to pass judgement in the matter.

©Kalemba April 13, 2021


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