Just prepare to face the bees, Kangombe is eligible

Romeo Kang'ombe

SESHEKE Constituency Member of Parliament Romeo Kangombe who was yesterday handed a two-year suspended sentence for assault by the Chinsali Magistrates Court is still eligible to contest his seat in August this year, according the Constitution.

Following Kangombe’s conviction for the offence of assaulting two police officers, some sections of our online community have been mourning the premature termination of the youthful lawmaker’s political career, saying he no longer qualifies to re-contest his seat.

But Kangombe’s enemies ought not to pop their champagne bottles yet and they may also need to pour some water on those celebratory fireworks.

According to the Constitution of Zambia, Article 70 Part 2 f and g;

“A person is disqualified from being elected Member of Parliament if…..(f) that person is serving a sentence of IMPRISONMENT for an offence under a written law.

(g) has, in the immediate preceding five years, served a term of imprisonment of at least three years”.

So since Kangombe was given a suspended and not an imprisonment sentence, he qualifies under the law to re-contest.

Although Kangombe hinted a reluctance to re-contest his seat fortnight ago, those interested in taking his seat may still need to prepare to face the bees in Sesheke, the same misfortune that befell others in that February 2019 by-election campaign that pushed Kangombe to Manda Hill.

Kalemba April 13, 2021


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