Get-rich-fast scammers vanish from Cairo Road

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo

A SCHEME plying on the unhinged appetite for people to make quick money without a drop of sweat has left ‘depositors’ crying as it has vanished in the dusty air of Lusaka.

Destiny Helpers International which had subcontracted marketers countrywide to collect deposits from people who would then be given triple their investment after three weeks has closed shop and disappeared with all the money leaving the ‘investors’ crying at Lusaka Central Police.

However, what has suprise many is the fact that the ‘depositors’ are not illiterate vendors but educated people who despite knowing the obtaining interest rates believed that their money could ‘give birth’ to triplets per month.

According to Esther Mwata Katongo, Police Spokesperson, police have so far arrested three people in connection with the matter but the ringleaders are still at large with the bounty of cash.

©Kalemba April 13, 2021


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