Chingola UPND officials in adoption punch-up


60-YEAR-OLD UPND Nchanga Constituency Chairman Reuben Sitali is currently nursing body pains after his party members competed for a chance to knock out his teeth and massage his body with fists earlier today.

The angry party members accused Sitali of favoring one group of aspirants over another.

According to eyewitness accounts, from the party office where the confusion erupted from, after being attacked Sitali, tried to fight back but was overpowered sent scampering for life.

However, a quick glance behind him showed fellow party members chasing after him with belts and sticks to discipline their erring constituency leader.

Before they could have a sound go at him, the senior citizen managed to jump four drainages and zoomed his way to the Enquiries Desk at the Police Station.

When asked what was behind his midday marathon, Sitali who was panting could not say a word and merely sat on the floor pointing to the direction from whence he had come.

Only after about half an hour of laboured breathing did Chairperson Sitali narrate that a man nine years older than him called Mathew Shamanga,69 had beaten him.

He lamented that senior citizen Shamanga had chosen to Jet Lee him after they had a heated quarrel over adoptions as either group favoured it’s own candidate and accused the other of being corrupted by their favoured candidate.

He pleaded with the police to hold off Shamanga’s as the old man’s beatings were not equivalent to his advanced age of 69.

Sympathizing with his ordeal, police raced back to block a second wave of beatings on the Chairperson Sitali and arrested Shimanga.

Meanwhile, the seven other arrested UPND officials apart from the alleged chiefbeater Shamanga are Felix Namela, Peter Bwalya, 29, Jonathan Mwansa, 23, Hope Kakoma, 22, Dalius Chisunga, 28, Anthony Vintula, 19, Mupeta Innocent, 23 and Phencel Mateyilo, 35.

Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner has confirmed the fracas and arrests in a statement to Kalemba.

CAPTION: File photo for illustration

Kalemba April 12, 2021


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