Aunt Milly’s TV utterances on period poverty saddens Vision Zambia

"Aunty milly"

VISION Zambia Initiative has expressed sadness at sentiments expressed by a guest on Tuvwange Lifestyle TV Show, Milly of Milly Beauty Products.

Vision Zambia Initiative director Namutula Sindila, said negative and uninformed sentiments from people, especially famous social media personalities, had the potential to derail good intentions meant to help Zambian girl children.

During the show which aired on Zambezi Magic at 21:30 on Thursday, 08 April 2021, Milly is quoted to have said “there is no period poverty unless mwana sanvela chabe”.

Sindila said Milly, like many other people, may need to understand the definition of period poverty and the impact it has on young girls affected by it.

“An average 1 million girls in Zambia will miss about 45 days of their yearly school calendar because of their inability to afford hygienic absorption methods during their menses.

Apart from that, schools mainly in rural areas have no adequate sanitation or private bathrooms where girls can clean themselves”, Sindila.

In a statement released today, Sindila said Vision Zambia Initiative is of the view that Tuvwange Lifestyle Talk Show was a good platform that could have been used to highlight the many challenges that a lot of girls face and probably advocate for better prices or at least scrapping off of “Tampon Tax” which is levied on sanitary products.

“The platform could have been used to lobby for policy implementation after the Menstrual Bill which was passed in Parliament in 2019 which is yet to materialize. I wish to thank Natasha for supporting the call to distribute free pads as opposed to distribution of free condoms”, Sindila.

Sindila has appealed to the producer of the show to invite guests who better understand period poverty to comment on the matter.

Kalemba April 9, 2021


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