Fraudsters advertise fake Procurement Assistant job at CLZ, “employ” hundreds


HUNDREDS of desperate job seekers have fallen for a scam by fraudsters who have advertised a non-existent vacancy of Procurement Assistant at Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ).

After taking money, the scammers have interviewed scores of prospective employees whom they have eventually “hired” and given contracts.

But upon reporting for “duty” the new “employees” arrive to a rude of no work space for them and have to return home to continue being unemployed with “99 others”.

CLZ fundraising and public relations officer Estella Snowden explained that the organisation had not advertised any such job which scammers were posting on

In an email to #Kalemba, Snowden clarified that CLZ had no affliction with the individuals involved with the job or the advertisement.

“CLZ has not advertised for this position and the documents did not come from our organisation. The contracts were taken from a generic template available online and the documents were forged using our logo,” Snowden wrote.

Further Snowden explained that in response to fraudulent job advertisement, CLZ had spoken to all the “shortlisted” candidates who had reported for the non-existent job, announced on social media and filed a report with the police.

However, the scammers are still advertising the job and getting money from job seekers who wish to take up the position.

“We were hoping that with your wide reach through social media, #Kalemba could help us spread the word before more people are taken advantage of,” wrote Snowden.

Conservation Lower Zambezi is a not-for-profit conservation organisation which has been working alongside DNPW and communities in the Lower Zambezi region for over 25 years.

Last week, Police in Kabwe arrested three teachers of Chindwin B Primary School along with a soldier for taking money from about 120 people whom they promised to recruit in the Zambia Army.

Kalemba April 8, 2021


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