China ejects boozing Zambian students

Zambian students at Jaingsu University

THREE Zambian students at Jaingsu University with a taste for stolen wine are on their way back to their parents’ homes after being booted out from China.

The three students are Makalo Muchindu, Munsolyo Kifunda and Gift Chama along with Bernard Kakomba Mulenga who is said to have quit school after his resident permit expired and was staying in China illegally.

The four boozers are said to have embarked on their thieving hobby on February 6, 2020 and were only discovered on March 16, 2020 after they had already swallowed several litres of stolen of intoxicants.

According to witnesses, CCTV footage showed the lads picking a bottle of wine each and then shoving it down their underwear but the shop attendants paid little attention believing the boys were just well endowed.

The attendants allowed them to majestically bounce out of the store as they admired their impressive packages.

Meanwhile, a naughty Chinese checkout girl who had all the while been eyeing the boys’ “impressive packages” decided to deliberately bump herself against the exiting students only so she could have a better imagination of their endowment.

After she narrated to her employer about ‘packages’, her employer in disbelief chose to review CCTV to see for herself and also appreciate the sight.

She however curiously noticed that the boys’ zip area only became impressive when exiting and a further review showed them loading the merchandise.

A stakeout was organised and the seventh time they came to the store, they were nabbed at exit and stripped and true to suspicions, their “assets” were being exaggerated by stolen booze.

Upon arrest last year, the trio continued with their studies until at Jaingsu University until their conviction in the Zhenjiang Intermediate People’s Court on March 18 this year.

Jaingsu University announced the trio’s ejection in a later to the Zambian Embassy in China yesterday.

©Kalemba April 2, 2021


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