Ndola court jails Lusaka robbers 2 days after foiled operation


THE four-man Lusaka gang that attempted to open branches of their criminal enterprise in Ndola on the Copperbelt have been jailed five years each.

On Tuesday, the group trailed and robbed K132,048.00 from Francis Kunda a security guard from Zambezi Portland Cement who was driving a Toyota Hilux.

Today, the group had their chance in court to cut their piece of cake and eat it.

Before the blood could even clot on the sores they sustained from the whippings with a sjamboc; the quartet was this morning arraigned before the Ndola Magistrates Court.

Walking in single file towards the accused box, the gang was no longer the muddy miserable bunch that they were on the day of their arrest as they had miraculously managed to access a shower and some Blue Seal Vaseline to make their evil-containing heads sparkle like glitter.

However, it did appear to the court gallery that the criminals’ brains after being shaken by slaps had made them confused.

When asked of their occupation, Owen Msimanga 48, said he was a Business Executive whilst his accomplice Norman Nguni aged 47 said he was a Business Tycoon making people wonder whether robbery was what they just did when they were bored.

However, their 28-year-old female accomplice Ethel Lyambai who had today assumed the humble looks of a kitchen party bride said that she was mere vendor who was trying to make a living.

The group which included 45-year-old Charles Lunga readily admitted to the reduced charge of theft from a motor vehicle but asked to be forgiven saying they engaged in criminal activities to feed their families and pay children’s school fees.

They also pleaded for the court’s mercy saying they were first offenders and did not waste the court’s time.

In ruling on the matter, Ndola Principal Resident Magistrate Obbister Musukwa said he heard their plea but had to send them away for five years because the crime they committed was on the rise in Ndola.

©Kalemba April 1, 2021


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