Government has abandoned North-Western Province – DP veep

Democratic Party vice-president Judith Kabemba

DEMOCRATIC Party (DP) vice-president Judith Kabemba has accused the government of abandoning the North-Western Province.

Kabemba is disenchanted that despite exploiting mineral wealth from North-Western Province, the area is patently undeveloped.

Kabemba was speaking when she addressed DP officials in Zambezi district of North-Western Province.

She is currently in the province for membership mobilisation.

“It’s time for North-Western to reclaim its rightful place. The local communities should begin benefiting from the minerals, forestry and water in this area,” Kabemba said.

“North-Western is blessed with so many resources that if well utilised and with a proper leadership can develop the area. But President Lungu and PF are selfish and I can’t stop crying; they have abandoned North-Western Province.”

Kabemba is displeased with the high levels of poverty, and unemployment in Zambezi district, in particular, and North Western Province as a whole.

She promised that a DP government would ensure that every local person get a share from the national treasury.

“Our people’s skills and talents have not been tapped into, thereby rendering them as beggars. This is unacceptable!” Kabemba said.

DP officials in North-Western Province are impressed that a woman is their party vice-president.

Meanwhile, Kabemba, who is accompanied by North-Western Province DP chairman Maynard Musonda and his vice, a Musumali, visited veteran politician, Rodgers Sakuhuka, who is a former Minister of Health and Minister of Education.

©Kalemba March 31, 2021


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