Imbwili roars big over Akafumba

Chishimba Kambwili

CHISHIMBA Kambwili “The Leopard” has roared loud and mighty over his National Democratic Congress (NDC) rivals and turned the chasing band of Josephs Akafumba into escaping prey.

In a latest twist in the fight for NDC ownership, Kambwili has won a major legal battle over the Akafumba camp after the Ndola High Court stayed the injunction stopping him from presenting himself as NDC president that was obtained last week by the Akafumba camp in the Ndola High Court.

The judgment effectively means that the legal status insofar as who is NDC leader returns with Kambwili riding high, mighty and in-Charge’s with a big whip over the renegade forces of Akafumba.

In announcing his victory, Kambwili who was beaming with renewed confidence and vigour released basketful-upon-basketful of Bemba proverbs on his nemesis Edward Mumbi, so-called new NDC Vice President.

“Umweni takokota amafupa, nga akokota ninshi kumyakwe amina ayatuntulu” he roared in an attack on Mumbi who within months of being NDC member has ‘ascended’ to Vice-President and also fiercest critic of Kambwili.

In a statesman nature, Kambwili also dished out some advice to “my brother HH” as he called him.

He warned the UPND President to be careful with Mumbi as he allegedly was treacherous and would betray him just as he betrayed late Micheal Sata.

Kambwili did not waste time to hang Mumbi’s ‘dirty political underwear’ on the public hangwire.

He said Mumbi who accused him of being a staunch anti-Tonga tribalist was himself not trusted by Hichilema and that he, Kambwili, had to beg the UPND leader to allow Mumbi into alliance discussions.

As has been the case with NDC, one has only to wait for tomorrow for a twist in the ever slippery plot as the game of thrones continues.

©Kalemba March 30, 2021


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