State House loosens rope on Kambwili’s neck

    FILE PICTURE: President Edgar Lungu with Chishimba kambwili

    EXPELLED NDC leader, Chishimba Kambwili’s blood pressure has reduced a bit after his apology to State House was accepted.

    The former Roan lawmaker who has spent countless nights sweating and tossing in bed as the legal rope tightened around his imaginary neck has received the mother of reliefs with an ‘ok, it’s fine’ statement from State House.

    After the courts threw out his repetitive medical excuses for adjournment, Kambwili humbled his way to Apology Land occupied by several others like Kings “Son of The House” Malembe.

    Kambwili who had accused the Head of State of using his Presidential jet to courier drugs with his associate Valden Findley a fortnight ago gaggled down his bitter accusation and said ‘he was sorry’ to the President and Findley.

    Despite his apoloy, Kambwili was left on the scene for two weeks as he awaited a response.

    To his joyous relief, yesterday, Isaac Chipampe, Presidential Aide released a statement forgiving Kambwili and saying that what matters was his behavior after apologising.

    With the apology accepted, it is now expected that Kambwili will make his grand entry into PF.

    ©Kalemba March 27, 2021


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