Sorry, I ain’t coming; Kalimanshi tells Lusaka Police

PF "National Commander" Innocent Kalimashi

AFTER a violent stone-throwing battle in which Innocent Kalimanshi’s gang was pitted against another ruling party group in Lusaka’s Chawama Compound on Thursday, police have invited Kalimanshi for an interview at Lusaka Central Police.

However, the renegade PF ‘commander’ has produced another video in which he has scoffed at the police invitation saying it was a trap to waylay him into an arrest and give him free accommodation over the weekend as police rarely gave police bond on weekend.

Kalimanshi wondered how he, as victim of an unprovoked attack was the one being invited to police and not his rivals. He further questioned why it was Lusaka Central and not Chawama police inviting him when Blue Water Dam from which his battle was named is in Chawama Compound.

However, news reaching Kalemba is that police have bought enough bundles and are repeatedly watching Kalimanshi’s Facebook video messages with the previous one in which he confessed to having previously beaten Kennedy Kamba, the Lusaka PF boss and further committing another crime by revealing his plan to beat Kamba again at their first meeting.

In February, police raided Kalimanshi’s ‘barracks’ detaining scores of his men but Kalimanshi escaped the dragnet.

It is likely that the police are preparing another raid if he does not hand himself in.

┬ęKalemba March 27, 2021


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