Exiting Lubinda fails to collect his honour

    Given Lubinda

    AS HE mops his way out of a 20-year stay in Parliament, Given Lubinda has failed to clean a stain on the floor of Lusaka City Council.

    The outgoing Kabwata lawmaker who was slapped out of his ambition to re-contest by violent ruling party cadres has had his application for an order of mandamus trashed by the court.

    In this case, Lubinda, famously known as Zayelo for his fair complexion, had applied to the court to compel Lusaka City Council to quickly confer upon him the title of Alderman as he, by virtue of being an MP under the previous constitution, had served as Councillor for 15 consecutive years which qualifies him for the honour.

    An Alderman is a permanent member of a council who is awarded the distinguished position for long service in the council.

    However, in her judgment, Justice Pixie Yangalilo said that Lubinda came too late to the alter for his prayer as the matter dates back to 2001.

    The Justice Minister has built a reputation for legal loses as he previously lost the battle to enact Bill 10 into law despite slapping his chest on the floor of Parliament and declaring that he had the numbers to push the law through.

    ┬ęKalemba March 27, 2021


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