I have never received even a ngwee from HH – Kambwili


    CHISHIMBA Kambwili says in the three years he has worked with UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, he has never received even a ngwee from the wealthy businessman.

    The former National Democratic Congress president (NDC) said this in rebuttal to the party’s vice-president Edward Mumbi who claimed Hichilema gave Kambwili colossal sums of money during his incaceration at Kamwala Prison.

    Mumbi also accused Kambwili of being an anti-Tonga tribalist and ungrateful for calling Hichilema selfish.

    However, in a video rebuttal broadcast on his Facebook last evening, Kambwili said Hichilema did not give either himself or any of his family members even a dime as their relationship of three years was not based on exchanging monetary gifts.

    Kambwili urged Mumbi to practice decent politics and keep his family out of the firing range as they were not politicians.

    He further wondered how Mumbi could claim that he was impoverished when he paid a cash bail of K300,000 within minutes of the court pronouncing it without the aid of any person.

    Kambwili added that his wallet was neat and packed as he could afford to pay over 3000 pounds per year for his UK-based children and his fleet of 14 trucks were pounding the roads of Congo DRC and Nakonde for lucrative clients.

    He clarified that when he said that he was broke, he meant that his profits had reduced drastically and not that he couldn’t afford a meal.

    The embattled former NDC boss has appealed to Hichilema to break his silence over Mumbi’s venomous attacks and put the record straight as to whether they exchanged any money.

    ┬ęKalemba March 24, 2021


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