General Mosquito warns of clash with Police over HH arrest


GILBERT Liswaniso aka General Mosquito has warned that the country will be on fire and youths countrywide will meet the police head-on if they dare arrest Hakainde Hichilema, UPND President over the Kalomo farm saga.

In a media statement, Liswaniso, who is the opposition party’s National Youth Chairperson accused the state of scheming at several times to frame his leader by connecting him to market fires, gassing, privatization and other misdeeds so that he is ineligible for the 2021 polls but to no avail.

He has appealed to the state to let democracy work saying plots to arrest Hichilema were because the Patriotic Front (PF) were not confident that ECZ would accept his third nomination hence seeking to rule out Hichilema too.

Meanwhile, police yesterday arrested Liswaniso’s surbodinate Matomola Likwanya for the offence of proposing violence.

Others in cells are UPND Mayor’s for Choma and Mazabuka Javen Simoloka and Vincent Lilanda respectively. Pro-UPND CSO leader Partner Siabutuba, businessman Fines Malambo and former Minister Ackson Sejani are also incacerated over the Kalomo farm debacle.

©Kalemba March 24, 2021


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