‘HH fed Kambwili’s family’

    FILE PICTURE: HH with Kambwili

    EDWARD Mumbi, NDC Secretary General today at Melsim Lodge in Lusaka District held a tell-it-all press conference during which he hang embattled former NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili’s dirty linen on the public hangwire for all to see.

    Mumbi said that during Kambwili’s stay in Kamwala Prison, Hakainde Hichilema, UPND president gave a substantial amount of money to Kambwili’s wife and household for their food as they were broke and impoverished; the same man Kambwili was now calling ‘selfish’.

    Mumbi said that he therefore wondered where broke Kambwili has sourced his new found cash which he was dishing to party members to buy their support.

    Mumbi who called his former boss “a convicted pathological liar who must humble himself”.

    He added that Kambwili who was convicted for forgery and uttering false documents was back to his criminal ways trying to fiddle with NDC documents despite the matter being in court warning that Kambwili may get another conviction from the episode.

    Mumbi further accused his tribesmate Kambwili of being an anti-Tonga tribalist who had stated that he can never work with a Tonga despite the kindness of Mr Hichilema during his troubles.

    Adding to the plot, Joseph Akafumba, interim NDC leader announced that he was writing ECZ to bar anyone trying to file in nominations under the NDC as all the Party’s candidates would file under UPND Alliance.

    He also took a swipe at Kambwili for allegedly claiming that he was being invited to PF to take over PF Presidency as incumbent Edgar Lungu was not eligible and that Bemba chiefs had endorsed his move.

    He challenged Kambwili to mention the Bemba chiefs behind his antics and also confirm publicly if that was the cause of his defection to PF.

    ┬ęKalemba March 23, 2021


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