Lusaka woman pours boiling water on hubby’s Baby mama


Like the fiery dragon of Game of Thrones, a wife of Chalala in Lusaka has breathed fire and brimstone on her husbands baby mama.

Febby Chali, 26 had gone to pursue her elusive married babydaddy but instead came eyeball-to-eyeball with a fuming Esnart Mulishi, 37 wife to the baby daddy who did not take kindly to her visit to their matrimonial home.

Armed with boiling water and chairs, Esnart went berzek and enveloped Febby in furiously hot water.

As if the burns were not enough, Mulishi unleashed wrestlemania moves on the baby mama hitting her with chairs and any material she could lay her hands on.

Escaping only with her dear life from her trip to the other side, Chali sustained multiple cuts on her head and lips coupled with third degree burns to her body.

With Chali in hospital, police have arrested the Mulishi and detained her in police cells.

The husband, however, is free for his next challenge.

What is your view on the Baby Mama’s visit to a married woman’s house?

┬ęKalemba March 18, 2021


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