Insultious Kambwili turns to God as Court screw tightens

Chishimba Kambwili

VOCAL former NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili famous for his tough talk and deriding opponents today snaked his way back to his humble roots in Luanshya from where he issued what may go down in Zambia’s apology history as the most self-humiliating apology.

Kambwili who is under pressure from several court cases with Magistrates tightening the noose around his escape from trial has said sorry to President Edgar Lungu and Valden Findley whom he accused of using the presidential jet to move drugs; an accusation comparable to activities of Mexican drug cartels.

Despite the cool March temperature, the heat around Kambwili has increasing as his fallout with colleagues in the NDC and a battle with the State has degraded the once boisterous man to humility of a lamb.

In his apology, he has qouted the words of ‘Saint’ Ephraim Son of Africa saying ‘limo-limo ndanaka, ndimuthu fye’!

Kambwili also said he would in the next few days give political direction to the NDC.

Which direction do you think Kambwili will take?

┬ęKalemba March 18, 2021


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