Kambwili resorts to hide and seek over NDC presidency


CHISHIMBA Kambwili is reported to be dodging lawyers who intend to serve him an injunction aimed at restraining him from posing as National Democratic Congress (NDC) president.

This is according to new NDC spokesperson Franklin Membe.

Kambwili was removed from the presidency of the party three weeks ago after he disagreed to the terms of the UPND alliance to which the NDC is party.

Josephs Akafumba who was until Kambwili’s removal the the vice-president of the party assumed the presidency and appointed Edward Mumbi as his deputy.

However Kambwili has rejected his removal and insists he is the legitimate president of the NDC.

The new party leadership have decided to restrain Kambwili from posing as NDC president through an injunction but complain that Kambwili is hiding.

“Yes I confirmed today that that he’s been dodging. We will catch up with him. We are catching up with him. His days are numbered,” Membe said.

“His house has been visited several times but at all times people present told our people that he was not around. We have never had a challenge locating CK. We have always known when he was at any time. This time we are drawing a blank,” warned Membe.

©Kalemba March 12, 2021


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