Mabumba emerges from “hiding”, calls for re-election of PF


    DAVID Mabumba has emerged from his shy cacoon to join campaigns for the re-election of the ruling Patriotic Front and President Edgar Lungu.

    The Mwense Constituency member of parliament vanished from the public eye after a video meant to privately satisfy the fleshly appetite of his concubine was made public last July.

    President Edgar Lungu immediately removed Mabumba from his post as general education minister, probably before his lessons could corrupt the school curriculum.

    PF supporters at a rally in Nchelenge

    Mabumba then retreated into hiding, never addressed the matter publicly but he is now slowly starting to show his face.

    He has asked voters to “overwhelmingly” vote for PF and President Lungu in the August 12 polls.

    The former minister spoke as he drummed up support for the party along with the newly-elected Luapula Province PF executive committee led by chairman Francis Musunga and his vice Ronald Chitotela at Kashikishi grounds in Nchelenge district yesterday.

    He told the scores of residents at the meeting that PF works were everywhere to be seen by every Zambian.

    Mabumba said PF was the only party capable of governing the country.

    Speaking at the same gathering Chitotela, Pambashe Constituency member of parliarment and Tourism Minister urged the gathering not to make the mistake of voting for the opposition.

    Chitotela said opposition political parties had nothing to offer apart from politics of deception.

    He called for unity of purpose in the PF saying the party must be committed to win the August elections convincingly.

    “Despite the many challenges the country has gone through the PF government has remained resolute to ensure that the nation is stable in all sectors. The PF government will continue to deliver development across the country as promised,” said Chitotela.

    ©Kalemba March 8, 2021


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